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8 Hours To Sell Your Home
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The AUDIO BOOK Designed To Help Get A Fair Price For Your Home
Table of Contents: 60 Chapters!
1- Identify The Problem
2- Why The Agent Makes A Huge Difference
3- Creating Your Plan Of Action
4- Starting Your Plan
5- Finding Your Best Selling Points
6- Scouting For Potential Buyers
7- Performing The Initial Interior Walk-Through
8- Taking The Initial Exterior Walk-Through
9- Your Location Location Location
10- Dare To Compare Homes
11- Preparing The Interior
12- Preparing The Exterior
13- Making Your Home Unique
14- Determining Possible Upgrades
15- Starting Your Staging
16- Budgeting & Setting Your Stage
17- Looking Toward Your Asking Price
18- Home On The (Price) Range
19- Digging For More
20- Showing Why You Are Selling
21- Assessing Your Taxes And Fees
22- Love Thy Neighborhood
23- Finding Energy Related Savings
24- Forming Your Asking Price
25- Dealing With The Home's Flaws
26- Working To Justify Your Asking Price
27- Working Harder To Justify Your Asking Price
28- Presenting Examples To Justify Your Price
29- Exploring Realty Agents Pt. 1
30- Exploring Realty Agents Pt. 2
31- Finding The Niche For Your Home
32- Fighting The Appraisal Battle
33- Learning About The MLS
34- Choosing The Agents To Interview
35- Researching The Agents
36- Checking Their Advertising
37- Comparing The Agent Capabilities
38- Exploring Their Different Selling Techniques
39- Providing The Full Picture(s)
40- Considering Your Open House
41- Narrowing Down Your Agents List
42- Preparing To Interview Agents
43- Creating Your Photo Opportunities
44- Considering Video Tours
45- Showing Off Your Home For Sale
46- Budgeting For Advertising & Marketing Pt. 1
47- Budgeting For Advertising & Marketing Pt. 2
48- Determining Commissions & Related Costs
49- Attracting Attention To Your Home For Sale
50- Implementing Your PreSale Opportunity
51- Scheduling Your Agent Interviews
52- Being Ready For Agent Interviews
53- Making Your Decisions
54- Exploring Other Options - Renting, etc.
55- Listing Your Home For Sale
56- Planning An Exit Strategy
57- Riding Herd On Your Selling Team
58- Preparing For Making Changes
59- Continuing To Compare & Update
60- Conclusion

What To Know
Before You Hire
A Realty Agent!
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